Hide Folder Ext


Hide, block, and password-protect folders on external drives


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There are all kinds of programs and tools out there dedicated to hiding and encrypting folders, documents, and other kinds of files located on your machine, with the goal of protecting your privacy on a shared computer. But what about your external drives? If the thought of losing your pendrive fills you with dread, Hide Folder Ext is your application.

Hide Folder Ext is software aimed at hiding and blocking folders located in external drives like flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. Thanks to this application, you can transport your most private files with the security that no one else would be able to access your information if the drive were lost or stolen.

The protected folders remain hidden, and will not be imported when the external drive is connected to a computer. The computer will only be able to display those files if the user runs the program and enters the correct password.
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